Internet In Stitches: Dog Sits In Front Of TV – His Response To Seeing Himself On The Screen Made My Day!

Another dog is spellbound by his favorite show! A woman in the scene alters commands of “sit” and “stand.” The dog responds by completing the action at each command! He has no idea he isn’t part of this visual world.

This pup is captivated by a game of golf. He thinks the ball is coming right to him! He leans up to the screen, bent over, prepared to snatch the ball up in his mouth. How adorable!

This furry fellow leaps up when a turtle appears on the screen! Now this is a show he can really get into.

This dog has no clue how to handle the world of television. When he sees a dog jumping repeatedly, trying to get over the fence, he himself jumps up to meet the dog!

These puppy pals are convinced they are playing ball with a new guest. They growl and advance toward the basketball on the screen, perceiving it to be their own.

These owners are quite clever. They have taken several home videos of their dog and created a mirror-like visual on the screen. The excited pup is actually seeing himself! Of course, this drives the little guy absolutely mad, but it’s certainly entertaining to watch.

Dogs are easily confused by the worlds being projected on our T.V. screens. Their perception of this image as a part of their reality leads to some hilarious images!

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Source: America’s Funniest Home Videos