Internet In Stitches: Dog Sits In Front Of TV – His Response To Seeing Himself On The Screen Made My Day!

In the human world, television is a common form of entertainment. It is not meant to be taken too seriously. In the dog world, however, T.V. is an entirely different thing. These dogs have been caught on camera watching T.V., and the results are hilarious!

Dogs don’t understand that what is happening on the screen is not happening “in the real world.” When they see a dog on the screen, they likely think the dog is in the living room with them. This perception leads to some pretty funny scenarios. These dogs are sure to put a smile on your face that will last for hours

The first clip involves a little inception. The dog is captivated by the pup in the living room, frantically running around a T.V. screen. This dog, in turn, parades across its living room, caught up in the digital experience.

Another dog, holding a bone in his mouth, watches an animal contest. He is convinced that the pup on screen is real, and he drops his bone down on the floor as an offering of friendship.

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