8 ADVICES: How To Save 30% Of The Budget On Food?

Almost half of the average family’s family budget remains in supermarkets, markets, and grocery stores near the house.

How to leave a supermarket with money in your wallet? How to learn to save on products without denying yourself a wholesome healthy diet?

Many people think that this is impossible, but still there are several ways to save on food! Thanks to our tips, you can save up to 30% of your family budget per month!

Here are 8 advices for you:

1) Do not go shopping hungry and do not bring a credit card with you. Pay exclusively in cash, so you will know how much money you spent.

2) Do not use convenience foods and learn how to cook food yourself. Then you will indifferently pass by shelves of semi-finished products, sausages and shop pastries. Your homemade meals will not contain preservatives, dyes or other inorganic additives.

3) Make a menu for a week. Then you will definitely know what you have for dinner today and tomorrow for breakfast. You can rationally use the products, using them for cooking on different days. Buy products less often and according to the menu. Thus, savings on products will be significant and you will save time, since
You don’t have to run several times to the store.

4) Do not forget to take a discount card to save on products.

5) Make preparations for the winter. Jam, canned vegetables, preparations for soups, etc. — allow you to save the family budget and make up for the lack of vitamins of your body in the winter.

6) Take food to work with you, do not buy coffee in the machine, and get a jar of natural coffee in the drawer of the table. Quality will be higher and significant savings.

7) Pay attention to the local manufacturer, because its costs of transportation, sales and advertising are significantly less, so local products are cheaper.

8) Remember the seasonality of fruits and vegetables. In season, they are healthier and cheaper. If you have a good freezer, then freeze food. This will help save money on food in the winter.

After 2-3 months of such savings on products, you will understand that your family began to eat more varied and delicious.

In addition, you will feel a surge of strength, because you began to eat healthy foods, while the cost of food has decreased significantly.